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What is lipstick, and what is its importance?
Lipstick is a cosmetic product used by girls to showcase their face beauty, which on applying on the lips make them attractive
Many girls use it in their daily life no matter if they wear other accessories or not; lipstick is compulsory for girls. Are you Applying lipstick correctly or not? (Here is the correct way to apply such cosmetics on your face, so it would look more attractive)



● 10 Correct ways for girls to apply lipstick properly: most of us apply the lipstick wrongly so want to know how to apply it perfectly
then stay tuned learning how to apply lipstick is one of
the very most important things you can do when it
comes to makeup lipstick is a makeup staple it can
brighten your face prevents it from looking washed out
provide a pop of color to your skin and generally amp
up your makeup to finish it off
beautifully so here are steps guiding about how to
apply lipstick and that will ensure your lipstick stays out
as long as you do 1 exfoliate your lips exfoliating is very
important it removes dead skin leaving your lips soft you can

top lipstick brands

● use a store-bought lip scrub or make a homemade
lip scrub then rinse off with warm water one way of
the exfoliating lip is using honey sugar lip scrub sugar being one of the best natural exfoliants and honey with all its moisturizing ability can be mixed together to make a wonderful lip scrub mix a spoon of honey with.





















● 2 spoons of sugar apply it to your lip and stay for
some time wipe off with the help of a piece of wet
cloth by very gentle circular motions to moisturize,
your lips with some lip balm open the lip balm and run the stick across your bottom and upper lip if it comes in a little jar use your finger to apply it instead this will not only help soften your lips and make them smooth but it will also help the lip liner and lipstick go on more evenly leave the lip balm on for a few minutes you can do the rest of your makeup while you wait
● 3 Apply a little foundation. This may sound a bit off from your daily makeup routine but applying a very little foundation on your lips before applying your lipstick will keep your lipstick from wearing off too soon. So now let’s put a minimal amount on your lips with your finger or any cosmetic brush, before preparing up for your makeup.
● 4 apply a lip liner lip liners prevent your lipstick
from bleeding and defines your lip line to make you stand out apply the lip liner on the outline of your lips before applying to make sure your lip liner is lighter or of the same shade as your lipstick so
that it does not look very odd when you’ve used a liner.
● 5 Apply the lipstick after you have applied your lip
liner. It’s time to use lipstick. You can either apply it
directly or use a brush for perfection to ensure that
you apply your lipstick within the lip liner to avoid
bleeding of your lipstick.
● 6 put on a second coat the first one acted as a sort of base this second coat will give you a lasting more intense color.
● 7 blot the inside of your lips, stick your finger into
your mouth, close your lips around it and then pull
your finger out, now this will help you prevent any
lipstick from getting onto your teeth.
● 8 make your
lipstick lasts longer by dusting it with powder. Gently
pull a tissue apart so that you end up with two thin
sheets. Press one of the sheets against your lips and
lightly dust it with some translucent setting powder. Pull the tissue away and apply a second coat of lipstick.
● 9 clean the outer edges of your lips with some
concealer dip a thin brush into a concealer that
matches your skin tone then outline your lips with it blend it outward into your foundation it will not
only give your lips a nice crisp outline but it will also prevent the lipstick from smearing.
● 10 try adding some shimmer with lip gloss it is not
necessary but it will add some sparkle and shine it
will also help your lips appear plumper you do not
need to apply the lip gloss all over your lips you can
just dab a small amount to the center of your bottom lip check out the beauty’s own channel for the best lipsticks to buy at discount along with its reviews.
Top 8 lipstick brands in India 2021 with
their prices ;
( Today we have come up with the best lipstick brands in
India. So I can refer to lipstick that runs as good as
classic brand lipsticks and is affordable at the same
time; you may or may not have thought of this fantastic
lipstick brush but we can guarantee that they are worth
every rupee so keeps ready to add them to your kit. )
On the first we have NYXNYX has grown massive
popularity amongst the indeed market the ones which
are available on high quality
and ugly easy to apply on your lips dry.
Starts from be ₹315
on number 2 we have Colorbar
with more than 29 classic shades
are available at a color bar it is very
affordable to buy caliber is one of the leading beauty
brands in India and across the world price for one
lipsticks –
and start at ₹250
on number 3 have Maybelline
Maybelline is quite famous
for its eyeliners and mascaras but over time its lipstick
has become very famous by the 19-year-old Tom
Williams. Maybelline started, It is a very old friend and
the price for me blips six.
stars from at ₹300
on the move to number 4, we have chamborChambor lipsticks are
available in Matt as well as in
moisturizing for pigmentation durability and hydration
Chembur is a bad best brand turner.
price starts at ₹695
on number 5 we have Lakme
In India Lakme is one of the oldest cosmetic brands,
most women feel the Lakme ranges in lipsticks are still
not available in many. It is very affordable and stands
out among all Christ’s arts.
and the price at ₹250
On number 6 we have is MAC
MAC is the most trusted brand in the country. MAC is
one of the most craze having among the
woman as provides moisturizing mad I’m various other
lipsticks the Christ is, therapies.
stars at ₹990
On number 7 we have Inglot
When it comes to lipstick, the Inglot has over 400
shades of lipsticks for every occasion you have a
different color to wear on your lips. The price has gone
uphill ₹800
on number 8 we have NYKAA
one of the latest brands to get a wide range of lipstick
with many colors. It has a great price range for one-to-one. Now we do not only have matte or liquid but many
forms of it. lipsticks priced starts at ₹399
Now let’s talk about things to keep in mind when finding
lipstick. on the first, it should be it’s finished we get mad
Josie off-screen depends upon your uses, the next is the shade hazard too many colors or shades available nowadays so it totally depends which you want to choose, the next is the brand which is the most an important thing to keep in mind try to find the lipstick as normal tips aren’t food spoilage.
Okay so this was the lipstick which girls can use on a regular daily basis, but what would you choose at special occasions for a wedding ceremony. So here are lipsticks that Ankita (makeup artist) suggests for bridal makeup.
“Hi everyone this is Ankita from corals and you’re
watching me on Naka TV today I’ll be sharing with you 10 lip colors for the varying season ranging
from nudes to deep and dark colors so let’s get started my first pick is a lack May 9 to 5 weightless matte mousse and this is in the shade burgundy lush
everybody should have a classic wine color for the
festive season and this works perfectly for the Indian
skin if you want to try a deeper lip color I would
recommend the Naka so MAC lipstick in the shade mischievous plum this is a very flattering purple plum color for Indian skin the tone that can work with pretty much any outfit but especially great with neutral colored outfits my The next pick is the Avon true color perfectly matte lipstick in the shade by print melon is a bright coral color and this would pair perfectly with outfits in shades of yellow peach and coral for a more natural lip option I have chosen the Revlon Ultra HD matte lip color in the shade kisses this is a very natural-looking pink which can work with pretty much on any outfit my next pick is the sea otter London liquid velvet lip color in the shade head-over-heels this is a cool-toned fuchsia and despite being a liquid lipstick this has a really comfortable finish if you’re looking for a bright pink lip option I would recommend the LA girl slat velvet matte lipstick in the shade hot stuff and this is a very fresh and youthful pink that will work really well for daytime looks my next pick is the allure Baucus proof lip stain in the shade blush brush this is a fibrin fuchsia color and it’s a fun color that you can wear in the daytime as well as in the evening for a classic deep red lip option I would recommend the Shambo extreme wear transfer-proof liquid lipstick is a classic liquid
lipstick formula that dries down to a completely matte finish so it doesn’t transfer move or feather if you want to take a break from classic Reds you can try the faces out in pro matte lip crayon in the shade put me on this is a deep berry red color and you can do a complete look with just simple winged eyeliner a neutral blush and this lip crayon since smokey is is a very popular look
in the wedding season, everyone must have a nice nude lip color to pair with a smoky eye and my pick is the naika so matte lipstick in the shade naughty nude so those were my top 10 lipstick picks for the festive
season”.Best make up products for daily use, Best makeup products of all time, Best basic makeup products, Best makeup products in the world, Best makeup product for oily skin.

● How to order search cosmetics and
branded lipsticks for your bridal makeup?

Best basic makeup products
  1. Choose the brand of which you want to buy lipstick, and visit their official website through Google and see what are the different forms and Shades they are offering with their given prices.
  2. Try to buying such cosmetic products from Amazon which gives you have discount on festivals.Best make up products for daily use, Best makeup products of all time, Best basic makeup products, Best makeup products in the world, Best makeup product for oily skin.