H&M brock collection dress

What is brock collection ?

It is a women’s luxury ready to wear label Foundation which was established by Laura Vassar Brock  along with

Christopher Brock in the year 2014. It has a lot of upcoming fashionable and modern outfits for women to get them a proper and sexy look. The brock collections’ fits and structures are so impeccable and

innovative that its quality is a top bar and every page is made with couture and exactitude. (Now let’s learn about how Brock collection have used impact in the fashion industry)

Top fashionable dresses

from Brock collection :

So now let us know very well about what kind of dresses and fashionable

accessories are there in the Brock collection and how you can get it at what


Ruffled Maxi dress for women Ruffled maxi dresses are very popular amongst girls when it comes to Spring

and summer season because this style of ruffled dresses looks very charming on girls. So i would suggest you to buy ruffled maxi’s for your funky look if you are a girl. Price : ₹649

H&M women lyocell blend dress These dresses are very well known as short and gentle fitted dresses in a viscose and tencel wave, having a round neckline and concealed zip at back.

Price : ₹2,2999

Lace- trimmed slip dress

Destroy caesar available in cotton bowl images as well as fabric have a huge craze in the fashion world amongst girls. This dress is long and slim;            below the chest and having a thin lace layer on

Shoulders. Though it can find many of us a little costly by looking at its price.

Price : ₹81,835

Woman shirt black size 38 cotton,


This is a very common dress which most of the girls have nowadays and it is also trending. So the design of the dress is very fashionable. It is like a skirt which comes till your thighs. And it is without sleeves having buttons from top of your collars till end.

Price : ₹13,503

Blue Wright jeans

So this looks really awesome on every kind of top dress or shirt. And these jeans are long which you can wear just from your hips till your feet. You can get it in various stylish colours such as sky blue dark blue black yellow red, and many

more. So I would        suggest you buy it. Price : ₹ 5,000

H&M women set of 4 gold plated

rings (onesize)

You can buy Golden plated rings and earrings from the Brock collection to showcase your beauty. These accessories looks really good on any kind of outfit and they are too cheap.

Price : ₹ 1,299

(So these were some fashionable clothes and Accessories which I m suggestion for girls..and I think these certain things can help you look modern amongst the crowd)

List of the things which I got

from H & M brock collection :

  • let’s start off with the first item i

got which is a pair of denim shorts i got this pair of mom shorts and they are perfect they’re the perfect length so they’re not too revealing or anything like that they’re super stretchy and super comfortable and they’re just perfect for summer time now these are called the

mum shorts and i got them in a size eight

and to be honest with you guys they’re not as      wide on my thighs as i was expecting them to be having said that though they’re still super comfortable so i’m not sure

whether i should size up or not i might get a size 10 just to try them out but these came in lots of different colors as well and they were super affordable they were only 17.99$. So just mark it for your summer wardrobe, it’s really so versatile and easy to wear and yeah i absolutely

love these i’m so glad i picked them up.

  • so next up i picked up a gorgeous blazer       you guys don’t know how much i love H&M for blazers, they’re such a good quality they fit really well and has such a good price point as well so of course when i saw this linen one i couldn’t resist and i picked it up i think

this is linen blend. Yes it is a linen blend blazer it’s so lightweight and just

stunning i mean you guys will be able to see better in the triangles

but they will be perfect for summertime it was 34.99$ ; so it’s one of the priciest blazers that h m do but again such a good price point for a blazer like that i did get it in a size extra small and it’s slightly oversized but I love the feet and how comfortable it is again it is linen blend so it doesn’t have any stretch or anything like that but it fits perfectly on and this will just be perfect to wear it with absolutely everything over summer time you can wear it over shorts over a dress

throw it over your shoulders in the evening and it will be really lightweight and easy to wear and yeah absolutely love this this did come in a black color which i am so regretting not picking up

and i will also check if they do matching bottom CD’s it just seems like the sort of thing it should have matching bottoms and i can already see how gorgeous that outfit would look i i mean even if it doesn’t this

just does look stunning by itself.

  • so now moving on i picked up another linen piece and that is a little linen blend dress so it’s a black short dress, so it’s got thin straps and it’s a pretty plain straight

line i would say now because it is a linen blend it doesn’t have any stretch to it

whatsoever so i got it in a size UK eight now i’m usually between six and eight in H & M.

And i will usually opt for the size six i just find that it fits me much better but i didn’t want this to you know hug me in places i did not wanted to hug me so i went for a size 8 and i absolutely love it it’s so

lightweight and just easy to wear for summer time this one did come in a light Beige like a biscuit beige color as well

which i actually preferred over the black one but i personally thought that the black would look much better on my body type so yeah i’m really glad i went for black now the only little criticism i’ve got which

is not really a criticism it’s just my personal preference is that it’s a tiny bit too long on me i am between five to three and five foot four for your reference guys and this one is too short. It does sit right above my knee, but I would have preferred it to be probably two to three centimeters shorter so I’m not getting shortened. I just think it would look much better on me that’s all.  i’ve also just seen the price of it and   i was so impressed this was only 17.99$ so such a good price point such a lightweight dress for summer time and you can just wear it every day

with sandals or you can dress it up a little bit and for brunch and it will look absolutely stunning so yeah really glad I picked this up as well.

  • Next up I picked up a pair of trousers. So i got these pair and i really wanted a pair of just long lightweight trousers i can just throw one in the summer and it will

look really effortless and this is the perfect pair for that they’re super thin super airy

really comfortable as well and to be honest   you guys will not regret when

you wear them with like a nude underwear they’re not see-through at all the only thing i did find though is that you can see the pocket lining which i don’t know if it’s a turn-off for me i don’t usually like that but at the same time they are really comfortable so i haven’t decided yet

whether i will keep this or not but they

do have an elasticated waist again adding to the comfort and they’re just the perfect length on me as well as i mentioned i am between five for three and five foot four and yeah they look really good even with sandals or just a little bit of a chunky trainer so if you are on the more petite side this should work on you with as i said a bit of a chunky trainer so yeah absolutely love these. I have

tried them on with sandals trainers and also heels as well and surprisingly they worked really well.

i tried this on with a pair of heels and then i threw over the linen blazer; and yeah it kind of worked it looked pretty good i’ll see if i can answer a little triangle for you guys um to see how it looks now i did get these in a size small again i didn’t want them to be too tight on me and they were only $17 and $99 so you can’t really go wrong with that even if you just end up wearing them

in the house they’re super comfortable and super lightweight as well.

  • now the next item i picked up is a little dress from their brock

collection now my local h m store didn’t have a lot of those pieces they only had this dress and then another like long brown floral dress so i opted to get this one to try it out and how gorgeous is this it will be perfect for spring and summer time now one thing i didn’t realize with it so it is a short dress but it’s got a bit of like a balloon button if you guys can see again you’ll probably be able to see much better in the tryon clip. This is one of those pieces I absolutely love. I just don’t know

if I would actually end up wearing that

much so I’m not really sure again whether I should keep this item or not.   I love how fitted it is at the top it does have a zip

on the side that you can easily use to put on and

off and then it just opens at the bottom

to like a wider balloon style and skirt now it does have the balloon sleeves too and then it ties at the back i just love the idea of it the shape of it, now this one was 29.99$     so a very good price point i got it in the extra small and it would look really nice with just some brown like tan colored sandals or with some like heel espadrilles as well Let me show you the final clothing item.

  • i got and then i will move over to a couple of accessories that i picked up so i got another pair of shorts and how stunning are these so lightweight so effortless for summer time i love this sage green color they have an elasticated

waist which is amazing and i also really

like the row drawstring detail they’ve got which you can actually tighten.. yeah absolutely love this the only thing with this is that i will be sizing up i got them in a size eight and again they’re not as wide

on my thighs as i would have liked them to be; I just want them to be much more oversized than what they are and because they do have the elasticated ways that you can tide i can easily size up to a 10 and then the waist won’t be too big

so yeah i will definitely be sizing up

on this they were only 12.99$, so such a good price point too.

  • So now let me tell you a couple

of accessories I picked up. The phrase begin with a pair of sunglasses that I absolutely love. I love H&M     sunglasses i find them such a good quality they’re so stylish they’re really affordable as well and

I could just throw them in my bag really quickly and no worry in case they break because they were really affordable. i do have another pair of sunglasses from

H&M that i picked up about three or four years ago now and they’re still amazing quality and have not been looking after them at all so yeah i’m really excited to start wearing these i think these were only

7.99 no 6.99 so yeah really good price point and they look really really good as well.

  • and now on to the final item i picked up is a bag and i got this gorgeous creamy one with all the tassels i absolutely love it this is so much more

roomy than what it actually looks;    it feels such a good sturdy quality as well

and it was only 24.99$.          It’s fully lined on the inside with this gorgeous pink lining and this will be perfect to take to the beach to take on a picnic..

Top 5 websites to purchase

brock collection:

●               farfetch.com

  • yoox.com/in
  • shopbop.com
  • sense.com
  • Amazon.com

These are the some real websites I have mentioned to purchase the brook collection at affordable prices. So go order now and buy your fashionable clothings for different seasons.

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